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Top 5 Biggest Online Casinos in the World

5 Biggest Digital Casinos on the Internet

The game catalogues of online casinos are growing with each passing day. As internet gambling picks up the pace, software companies work harder and harder to deliver premium entertainment to the players, leading to an abundance of casino games online. In this article, we will introduce you to the five biggest casino websites on the internet Scroll down to see which gambling operators boast the biggest – and best – game libraries. Bao Casino Bao is an Australian online casino that offers a plethora of gambling games. In terms of portfolio, it boasts over 3,000 games – can you imagine that? And it’s only the fifth website on our list. Bao has a cute theme, one with a purple cat that grins just like that Alice met in Wonderland. But worry not, Bao is no Cheshire Cat. Bao’s cat is a generous feline that offers superb bonuses, top games, and great Customer Support. Curacao issued its gambling work permit. It started working in 2019, making it a rather young casino, especially if we compare it to other sites on this list. The only casino that is younger than Bao on our list is Mason Slots casino – a website that ….

Blackjack Boost to Boost Skill

Top-Rated Blackjack Books to Increase Proficiency

Blackjack is a game of skill, which means you don’t really need to be talented to be good at it. What you do need to, however, is practice and work on your moves. The internet offers a tutorial on everything, but contrary to popular belief, you won’t learn blackjack by watching videos of fellow punters. You’ll learn blackjack by reading blackjack books and playing on your own. Here are our favourite books on blackjack that every player who aspires for greatness should read.  Playing Blackjack to Win: A New Strategy for the Game of 21 (1957) The first book on our reading list is Playing Blackjack to Win: A New Strategy for the Game of 2. Four authors stand behind the title – Wilbert Cantey, Herbert Maisel, James McDermott, and Roger Baldwin. All four are pros who wanted to give a well-rounded account of blackjack games to the audience. t is one of the earlier attempts to bring blackjack novices to advanced gameplay, having come out in 1957. In 2008, the readers got to enjoy a re-printed version of the book. This book contains a comprehensive history of the game, but you might find it slightly outdated. Nevertheless, the book was a smashing success when it first hit the bookshelves ….

Most Popular Features in online slot games

Meet the Most Popular Online Slot Features

Modern-day online slots are an assortment of themes, mechanics, and features designed to appeal to international crowds. Gambling enthusiasts adore the variety; gaming companies enjoy the attention. Therefore, games with the most popular online slot features are always appreciated by the gaming community. If you are a fan of slots but are unsure of the diversity explored within those creations, this article is for you. We will introduce you to some of the best features in RNG slot games on the internet. From wilds to free spins, there is an entire ecosystem just waiting for you to meet. Wilds Wilds are by far the most common modifier found in online slots. A Wild play the role of Joker – a Wild card, literally – that can be used as a replacement for any symbol on the grid. Its simple function gives the players a chance to increase winning chances, as Wilds greatly influence winning combinations. The simplicity is an advantage of the feature, but slot makers have found a way to keep the feature fresh despite being incorporated into thousands of releases. Hence, through diversification, we now have Expanding, Stacked, Spreading, Walking, Colossal, Sticky, Shifting, Overlays, Duplicating Wilds… and new variations keep ….

smartwatch gambling casinos

Smartwatch Casinos: Playing Casino Games on Your Watch?

A watch on your wrist can be a fancy accessory or a valuable tool to keep you punctual. But have you ever wondered what else do modern watches offer? In case you missed it, there is a massive base of casino goers who like to play games on their watches. And not just any games – but online casino games. Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to try smartwatch gambling. This article will show you the splendors of smartwatch gambling and try to figure whether smartwatch online casinos really stand a chance against traditional casino websites. What Is Smartwatch Gambling? Smartwatch gambling refers to gambling games playable via smartwatches. Smartwatches, like smartphones, allow users access to a still-limited number of apps and services, one of them being the ability to play casino games. However, the main difference between smartphone and smartwatch gaming lies in the cost and the quality of experience. As soon as software development companies got a whiff of smartwatch designs and concepts, they started tinkering with their content. One of the main focus points was accessibility – how can someone connect their phone to a game? After numerous experiments and projects, online operators came out with the concept ….

Keno and Bingo Differences and Similarities

Keno vs Bingo – Differences & Similarities

Keno and bingo games are frequent sightings in online casinos nowadays. The two casino ball games have many things in common, which is why players often confuse them. However, they are most definitely not the same. So, what are the differences and similarities between keno and bingo? Let’s compare and contrast by seeing the rules and characteristics of the popular two casino games. How to Play Keno Online Before we discuss the game rules and explain how regular keno rounds work, we must answer the question, what is keno? Keno is a lottery-style game of numbered balls where winners predict which numbers will be drawn. In most cases, keno games include up to 80 balls, each carrying a number between 1 and 80. All winnings within the game are calculated based on the number of balls players wagered on, the number of won numbers, and the bet amount. A typical round of keno consists of four phases – the betting, the number choosing, the draw, and the payout. It’s a fast-paced gambling sport, as you will see shortly. Here is how to play keno online for real money.  Pick a wager for the round by selecting the amount you wish ….

Wagering requirements and wagering contribution

Wagering Requirements Versus Wagering Contribution

What are online casino wagering requirements? Do wagering requirements equal wagering contribution? And if not, how are they connected? These are the questions we aim to provide answers to in our article today. If you want to start playing at online casinos for real money, game playthrough and contribution should be at the top of your list of must-know terms. Wagering Requirements A wagering requirement represents the amount of money that players must bet before being officially allowed to withdraw winnings. In general, the amount is calculated as a multiple of the deposit amount. As you know, many casino bonuses cannot be claimed before a deposit has been placed. This applies to almost all online casino bonus offers you can find in such establishments. In fact, wager-free bonuses are highly promoted as they stand apart from the majority of bonus offers. It is simply unusual to see an offer which does not include such stipulations. But don’t be surprised by the presence of these requirements. Casinos, both online and land-based, must protect against bonus abuse. And believe us, many players try to pull tricks and scams against gambling brands all the time. Betting requirements were devised as an effective strategy to ….

Popular No Deposit Casino Bonus Offers

Why Are No Deposit Bonuses So Popular?

No deposit bonuses are free spins or cash bonuses received after registration and without a deposit. As soon as players join the casino, they can claim the no deposit bonus – and they don’t need to invest any funds beforehand. The no deposit bonuses are usually a great start to the gambling adventure, but they are not as frequent as you might think. Nevertheless, they represent one of the most popular bonus categories across online casinos. We are here to show you why. Housewarming Gifts Welcome offers are one of the first things you see when you get to the online casino. Nearly all online casinos offer them – and those who do not usually have an exclusive offer to make up for it. However, if there is one thing that’s more popular than the welcome bonus, it’s the no deposit casino bonus. No deposit offers are literally freebies you get just for completing the registration. In that way, the casino rewards you for your trust and willingness to become one of its loyal customers. In some cases, online casino no deposit bonuses are part of the Welcome Package. Upon registering, you get a complimentary batch of free spins (or free ….

Evolution First Person table games

What Are Evolution First Person Games?

First Person tables are RNG versions of live dealer tables from Evolution. For those unfamiliar with RNG, live dealer, and Evolution, we have a solution. Our team took the time to investigate First Person games and how you can use them to your advantage for live casino games. Keep reading to discover everything about Evolution First Person Roulette, First Person Blackjack, and more. RNG Games RNG casino games are online games which use an RNG – Random Number Generator. They are called RNG because they employ a mathematical model that randomizes number sequences, making it impossible for players to predict or cheat. Today, all online casino releases must use an RNG, because that is how software companies guarantee fairness. The model was first introduced in online slots. Soon after, they began appearing in other game categories like Roulette and blackjack. RNG roulette and RNG blackjack are the modern casino games which you can play in every casino site online. Evolution First Person Evolution is one of the biggest live casino software developers, if not the biggest one. The company is a true industry leader – with ground-breaking concepts, breath-taking designs, and a nose for business opportunities. Evolution focuses on live casino ….

Online Freeplay Casinos

Why Playing Casino Games Online for Free Is Good for You

Online casino gambling refers to playing gambling games online for real money. However, dozens of online operators now offer free or demo play to their players. Demo play is free of charge, meaning players do not pay real money to play the games for fun. Hundreds of freeplay casinos exist around the web. What is the point in playing casino games for free, and why is that so helpful? Read on to find out. Building Skills The first and most obvious advantage of freeplay casinos online is skill improvement. Every proficient player had to start somewhere, and with real money casinos, he must have lost a lot of money trying to build skills. With free casino games, losses drastically decrease. In fact, they are non-existent. Players who try games for free can learn many cards and table games’ complex rules without investing a single penny. Moreover, they can improve faster than their peers who choose real-money playtime. Nowadays, players typically play blackjack and roulette in freeplay casinos as these games are the trickiest to beat. If you have ever played any of the two games, you know how the skill is important, especially for blackjack games. Blackjack is a game ….

VR Casinos Online Gambling

Are VR Casinos the Future of Online Gambling?

VR casinos are online casinos using virtual reality technology. It is a relatively new term that started swirling around the gambling community in the past few years. So far, it has maintained as merely a concept, but that is about to change. Virtual reality casino platform ideas are getting closer to reality. In this article, we will look into the concept of VR casinos to determine if they are as revolutionary as we expect them to be. Moreover, we will try to answer the question, are VR casinos the future of digital gambling? How VR Casinos Work Up until now, live casino technology has represented the pinnacle of online gambling innovation. Not many players know what happens behind the scenes of each live gambling steam of exclusive tables. However, that will also change in the future. Live dealer tables rely on Optical Character Recognition technology to signal and alert the dealers (and the players) of changes at the table. On the other side of the screen, players sit comfortably at home and watch live action on their devices. With VR, that changes completely. With new tech, players use VR headsets to sign in and enter the casino. They get to move ….