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Comparison of Fixed and Adjustable Paylines in Online Slots

Fixed vs Adjustable Payline Slots – What’s the Difference?

Slot machines are known as one of the easiest game categories in the casino industry. They are easy to use and do not require any special skills for efficient playing. However, there are dozens of details to remember before you start playing. Classes, types, different technical details – all this is important for slot players. We already explained the importance of paylines in slots. Paylines represent the number of available combinations that you can form to get a prize. The number of paying lines varies from slot to slot. Some games offer 3 paylines, some offer 40. In some games, you can encounter 243 winning ways, or even have a chance to boost them up to 117,649. No matter how many paylines you have, the point is the same – they represent your chances of winning. Now, winning ways and paylines are different in casino terms, so for today, we will focus exclusively on paylines. As you know, you can have up to 40 paylines in a slot (after that they are called winning ways). However, some slots offer fixed paylines, while in some slots you can adjust the paylines. Knowing how and why that is possible is important for every player ….

Can Land-based Casinos Survive Virtual Gaming?

Do Land-based Casinos Stand a Chance Against Their Online Peers?

Online casinos were introduced thanks to the desire to transport luxurious land-based casinos straight to your living room. When virtual casinos appeared, the land-based casino industry became worried about their effect on the old-school gambling venues. Predictions were grave. The potential harm to the established sector loomed over as people turned to websites rather than familiar venues. However, the doubts were soon dispelled. It was quickly proven that there are still players that like to frequent the good old venues that they are accustomed to. The sense of familiarity, in the face of the digital revolution, prevailed. But the threat never disappeared. As technology progressed, so did the digital gambling spots. Year after year, new trends emerged – live casinos, mobile casinos, social casinos. The gambling industry adapted to every digital change. And year after year, we ask the same question: can land-based casinos preserve their spot under the spotlight? Or will they eventually succumb to the will of the technological society? Let’s discuss that. Chameleon The history of land-based casinos is quite colourful and eventful. A lot of things have transpired within the walls of one single venue. But one point always stood – people enjoy playing there. When ….

What 2020 Will Bring to Online Casino Industry

Predicting Online Casino Trends in 2020

More than a week ago, we stepped into a new year, and a new decade. Great things are expected to come our way in 2020, especially regarding the online casino industry. Between consistent advancements in technology and intrepid achievements across all sectors of gaming, borders and lines will be blurred. And that is an understatement. Here is what we can expect in 2020. More Technology for More Authenticity Technology is evolving at breakneck speed, and the possibility of slowing down is gradually disappearing. It seems that no one wants to slow down technological progress. In the new decade, we can expect stronger performances across numerous devices, as well as shared experiences between multiple platforms that support gaming. And we are not talking only about mobile gaming. Mobile casinos became a hit in 2018 and 2019. The industry quickly filled with mobile casinos vying for the attention of the players around the globe. In a way, mobile casino gaming mirrors the mindset of a modern gamer. Speed, flexibility, and accessibility bring a wealth of possibilities to players, and that is only going to heighten in 2020. One thing that we learned in 2019 is that enhanced individuality is not exactly what ….

Live Slot Games: The Best of Both Worlds?

Casino players are usually divided into two major groups – slot and table/card game fans. While many players enjoy playing a variety of games, gamers can sometimes be divided based on their preferred type of games. One of the latest revolutions in casino gaming is the live casino. The newfangled category of casino entertainment, live dealer, was introduced to boost the experience of table game players. Or at least, it was at first. Live casino revolves around table games, right? Well, not anymore. News about the new live slot game made significant waves in the entire casino community. While we only had live Roulette or live Blackjack in the past, we now can enjoy a playful mixture of live casino and video slots – all thanks to Playtech. It’s a Blitz The new Playtech title, Buffalo Blitz Live is the product of live casinos and video slots. The live slot is to spearhead an entirely new genre of casino entertainment. The main characteristics of the game come from both slots and live dealer titles.  A presenter is leading the game. We will avoid calling her a live dealer, as she does not deal with anything. Her only duty is to ….

Does Loyalty Pay Off? A Study of Casino VIP Programs

Online casinos offer a plethora of interesting deals for their customers. The deals, or better yet, promotions, are a great way to boost your balance and spice up your playtime. On the other hand, it is great for casinos too – the better the promotions, the more customers they attract. You have probably encountered the VIP offers. VIP programs that are invitation-only bring exclusive perks for exclusive players. If you have ever thought about becoming a VIP casino player, here is everything you need to know. What Are VIP Programs? VIP programs represent a privileged part of the casino offer. They are, as the name suggests, not available to the bigger part of the casino community. To join the ranks of VIP players, one usually needs only an invitation. However, the invitation is not easy to come by. Top online casinos pay close attention to the deposit and betting habits of the players. By paying close attention we mean tracking your deposits and bets to understand your gambling habits. A high roller, i.e. a player that usually deposits large amounts of money and places high bets, is the type of player that casinos want to lure into the VIP club. ….

Examining the Appeal of Live Dealer Casino Games

Live Casino is the latest revolution in the online casino realm. A growing number of gaming venues are incorporating live dealer titles into their offers and esteemed lobbies. Providers are launching live titles, exclusive tables, and opulent Roulette, Blackjack, and Poker rooms. What’s the deal with live dealers, you ask? That is precisely what we are about to explore and hopefully, provide an answer for. Real Casino Revival When we started playing in online casinos, we were delighted by the prospects of casino entertainment brought straight to our homes. The journey to a land-based casino was shortened, or better yet, eliminated in total. Fun was now at our fingertips, easily accessible whenever we wanted. The entire player community was thrilled. Then, we slowly started asking for more. Step by step, the technology advanced and birthed mobile gaming – another revolution! But that’s a story for another time. The objective became crystal clear – easy access to genuine casino entertainment is paramount. What we simultaneously realized is that online and mobile casino gaming was just a beginning. In other words, that was just the start of a profound change in the concept of casino entertainment. What followed that shook the frame ….

How to Make Casino Bonuses Work for You

Almost all reputable online casinos offer spectacular Welcome Offers. Not only that, but they include a series of nice bonuses that begin once you finish with the housewarming gift. For a typical casino player, these bonuses represent a no-brainer: use them and then wait for other bonuses. However, you can often stumble upon various inconveniences regarding your bonus. The cash amount is not high enough, the wagering requirements are too high, or the bonus is generally sticky. All this represents a hassle for a player who just wanted to have fun. What is important to understand is that casinos offer such high wagering requirements as an incentive, but intentionally make it hard for the players to reach them. The result? Most players fail to make use of their bonuses. The usual case is when they do not fulfil the requirements in time, so the bonus expires. However, Affactive is here to help you. Here is how you can change this unfavourable situation and make the bonus work for you. Check the Terms This might seem like such a simple step that we do not even need to mention it, right? Well, that is where you wrong. Most players throughout the ….

Online Slot Games – Is AutoPlay Really a Good Option?

As we already mentioned several times, slots are appealing to players that don’t like a hassle. Online slots are easy, rewarding, and fun – a definition of pure, effortless entertainment. They also come in all shapes and sizes, displaying a thematical variety that no game can rival. However, one thing that is always in focus is the Spin button. Arguably, spinning is the definition of slot games. Right? Well, yes and no. With the introduction of Auto Spin (or AutoPlay in some cases) that ease-of-use was yet again challenged. Players now have even easier access to their favorite pastime, but that posed several questions regarding the true nature of slot machines. You are guessing right – today we are talking about the concept of Auto Play and its influence on the gameplay within slot machines. Time of Your Life The main argument for the Auto Spin button is the reason they invented it in the first place. The option is supposed to give you more accessibility and shorten the wait time. During spins, you can choose how many spins you want the computer to spin by itself. In turn, you are saved from the hassle of clicking the Spin button ….

Online Gaming: Why It’s Important to Always Play Responsibly

After so many articles about casino tips and strategies, we are here today to relay perhaps the most important strategy for casino players. Responsible gaming is arguably the most essential asset you should bring with yourself when you step inside a gambling hall. Casino gaming is a fun activity that keeps punters entertained. Sometimes, even for hours. However, it is not rare to see that fun cross the line and become something completely different. Because of the highly intoxicating nature of casino games, the entire field is very delicate, and you need to approach it carefully. In other words, it is important to always have a back-up option at all times. That is why responsible gaming is one of the most important topics in the gambling sphere. Before we go deeper, let’s first decipher the wide scope of meaning behind the term responsible gaming. What Is Responsible Gaming? Responsible gaming refers to the set of regulatory norms that all operators and providers need to fulfil to provide a safe environment for their players. The regulations cover seven important aspects of online gaming: Protection of vulnerable gamblers Safe online environment Privacy of information Prevention of underage gambling Responsible marketing Protection of ….

High Limit vs Low Limit Slots

We talked about slot machines so much in our previous articles that we can easily say that we have become slot masters. From volatility to paylines, we covered numerous strategies and concepts of great slots located in grand lobbies. However, one part of the entire experience was left out. Betting is an integral part of your playtime. Based on betting habits, all players are sorted into two (main) groups – low rollers and high rollers. And as they say – each category of players has its own type of preferred games. Those games are known as high limit and low limit slots. Both versions have different aliases in the gaming community, but the concept is the same. Today we would like to explain both types in a more detailed fashion, with a special focus on the appeal of those games to their respective audiences. Without further ado, here is everything you need to know about the high limit and low limit slots. Penny Slots Penny slots are the low limit slots. The so-called penny slots are slot machines that promote smaller bets on each round. In fact, a penny slot gives the players the ability to place the minimum bet ….