Meet the Most Popular Online Slot Features

Most Popular Features in online slot games

Modern-day online slots are an assortment of themes, mechanics, and features designed to appeal to international crowds. Gambling enthusiasts adore the variety; gaming companies enjoy the attention. Therefore, games with the most popular online slot features are always appreciated by the gaming community.

If you are a fan of slots but are unsure of the diversity explored within those creations, this article is for you. We will introduce you to some of the best features in RNG slot games on the internet. From wilds to free spins, there is an entire ecosystem just waiting for you to meet.


Wilds are by far the most common modifier found in online slots. A Wild play the role of Joker – a Wild card, literally – that can be used as a replacement for any symbol on the grid. Its simple function gives the players a chance to increase winning chances, as Wilds greatly influence winning combinations. The simplicity is an advantage of the feature, but slot makers have found a way to keep the feature fresh despite being incorporated into thousands of releases. Hence, through diversification, we now have Expanding, Stacked, Spreading, Walking, Colossal, Sticky, Shifting, Overlays, Duplicating Wilds… and new variations keep coming every month. A versatile modifier with outstanding potential gives you a chance to enjoy the game and win a lot in the process.

Cascading Reels

Cascading Reels represents a feature increasingly present in new releases. Players favor these instead of standard reels as they boost winning chances and often bring more wins than regular reel slots. Moreover, they are fun to watch, as the essence of each Cascading Reels mechanics is the tumble or cascade of icons during a win. Namely, whenever you have a winning combo on the grid, winning icons disappear from the grid to make way for new tiles. Tiles cascade from above to the grid and might create a new winning chain. A fun thing about the modifier is that the name changes from provider to provider. Nearly every prominent software supplier has a patented version of the modifier. So, don’t be surprised to meet Tumbling, Spinning, or even Rotating Reels cited as a feature in an online slot.


Multipliers are both easy and difficult to explain. Namely, we know their purpose and function – increasing the winning amount – but the form in which multipliers appear can significantly differ. For instance, some slots feature Multiplier icons which increase wins by 2x,3x, or even 15x if they form a winning chain on the grid. On the other hand, they might also appear as Wild Multipliers, which perform both wild and multiplying functions. In some cases, you might get to fill a Multiplier Meter which then increases the win by a certain number like 10x, 15x, or even 20x. Hence, like the Wild, the feature is versatile and exceptionally flexible in its implementation in online slots. But regardless of the form in which it comes, it’s always fun to see a Multiplier.


Scatters are a special form of game symbols, just like Multipliers and Wilds. However, both Wilds and Multipliers have multiple purposes and can come in various ways. Scatters, on the other hand, are slightly tamer than the other two. Namely, Scatters almost always have one single purpose – to trigger free spins. Occasionally they are the catalysts that bring about Respins, as you’ll see shortly. Also, there have been instances where a Wild acts as a Scatter and vice versa. But other than that, Scatters are simple, but they are always well-received by the players.


Respins are the predecessor of Free Spins and are frequently used as a booster in slot games. What is a Respin? They are a repeated spin triggered by a special action that lets you spin the reels once again without paying for it. In essence, it is a single free spin. Moreover, they are always tied to another feature, such as Scatters, Wilds, or Multipliers. Slots with Respins often use two Scatters to trigger a Respin, while three Scatters unlock Free Spins. Some games don’t have free rounds at all, only Respins. One of the best ways to enjoy Respins is connected with Wilds or Multipliers.

Free Spins

The crown jewel of the slot-making industry, free spins are the most popular online slot feature. Ask any player and they will tell you that gratis rounds represent the favourite pastime of any slot player. What is more, punters are so crazy over them that casinos often offer them in online casino promotions and bonuses. In slot games, they are frequent, but not nearly as much as the players would want them to be. The main reason why they are so popular is that they are the most profitable feature on the list. For instance, you can win hundreds or even thousands without investing a dime! In general, reaching and unlocking them takes a lot of effort, but the effort pays out once you get there. The best online slots and legendary releases all feature this beloved modifier.


To be honest, presenting popular slot game features is a tough job as there are countless variations of boosters, add-ons and game modifiers. However, we managed to narrow down our list to the absolute favorites regarding online gambling. We hope you liked what you saw here, and if you want to explore other features, feel free to visit the best casinos online and explore their lobbies.

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