Keno vs Bingo – Differences & Similarities

Keno and Bingo Differences and Similarities

Keno and bingo games are frequent sightings in online casinos nowadays. The two casino ball games have many things in common, which is why players often confuse them. However, they are most definitely not the same. So, what are the differences and similarities between keno and bingo?

Let’s compare and contrast by seeing the rules and characteristics of the popular two casino games.

How to Play Keno Online

Before we discuss the game rules and explain how regular keno rounds work, we must answer the question, what is keno?

Keno is a lottery-style game of numbered balls where winners predict which numbers will be drawn. In most cases, keno games include up to 80 balls, each carrying a number between 1 and 80. All winnings within the game are calculated based on the number of balls players wagered on, the number of won numbers, and the bet amount.

A typical round of keno consists of four phases – the betting, the number choosing, the draw, and the payout. It’s a fast-paced gambling sport, as you will see shortly.

Here is how to play keno online for real money. 

  1. Pick a wager for the round by selecting the amount you wish to bet on the round.
  2. Choose the numbers on the ticket that you think will be the winning numbers. You can select up to 15 digits.
  3. The RNG software will automatically draw 20 numbered balls out of 80, and whenever you have a match, it will be registered as a win.
  4. Once the draw ends, the matches are added together, and you receive your payout based on the number of choices, correct predictions, and the bet.

We must note that there are many keno variants across the industry, and they all use similar rules. However, depending on the variant, you might not have 15 available guesses or even 80 balls in total. Instead, the number might be different, but it won’t affect the rules of the game. Keno is available both in RNG (standard online) mode and live casino mode.

What Is Bingo?

Bingo is a card-based game of numbers where players buy cards and match numbers on the cards with called numbers. For the game, bingo uses a drum containing numbered balls drawn during the round.

The game’s foundation is similar to keno, as they both use balls categorized by numbers that players try to guess. However, when it comes to gameplay, the two are very different.

Here is how to play bingo at online casinos for real cash. 

  1. Purchase a card (ticket) containing random numbers. If you want, you can purchase more than one.
  2. Wait for the caller to announce the drawn numbers. As they are taken out of the virtual drum, each number on the ball will be automatically crossed off your card.
  3. If you complete a line or a whole card, you will receive a payout.

The main trait of bingo is that it does not allow you to pick the digits on the ticket yourself. You purchase tickets with pre-determined numbers for each round. Bingo is exceptionally easy to play, as you don’t need to use any complicated strategy to win here. It’s a game of luck through and through, so you only really must rely on your good fortune to score a win.

It is also one of the most popular pastimes in the UK, with the number of bingo players surpassing tennis players by thousands. Bingo halls have been a trendy attraction across the UK, but now the audience switched to online casinos. UK casinos are an excellent source of online bingo games. You can find a variety of 75 and 90-ball bingo games on all best UK gambling sites.

Bingo and Keno Similarities

And now, let’s start summing up what we have seen so far of the two casino sports. Quick facts about mutual characteristics that both keno and bingo have:

  • Both are games based on numbers
  • Each game uses balls that have been assigned a number 
  • They share the goal, where players must accurately guess which numbers will be drawn during the round
  • The more matches, the higher the payout in both
  • Both are very popular in online and live casinos
  • You can play them for free and for real money

The nature of the two games is quite similar, and they are both fairly popular around the world.

Bingo and Keno Differences

Now, the thing we are all waiting for: what is the difference between keno and bingo? Well, there are several things on the list, with one being the most important.

  • Keno lets you choose numbers, while bingo uses pre-selected digits on cards
  • Keno offers a Quick Pick feature where the ticket is automatically filled
  • Bingo uses 75 or 90 balls, while keno typically includes 80 balls
  • Bingo is more popular in the UK
  • Keno is faster than bingo as there is no number calling
  • bingo lets you pick multiple cards

As you can see, keno gives you more freedom and control over the round. You can pick your personal lucky numbers if you want, but if you don’t, you can always turn on the Quick Pick. In that regard, it has more options than bingo, although bingo is the preferred game in UK casinos.

Keno Versus Bingo, the Final Verdict

So, which game is better? The answer is difficult to answer, as it depends solely on the player.

The player preferences affect the choice between keno and bingo. It all boils down to the traits that suit you more. If you want a more traditional experience with cards and callers, then bingo is your go-to option. If not, you should stick to keno! However, our recommendation is to try both games first and then decide which one fits you more. Both are highly entertaining, quick, and easy to play. They are the definition of effortless fun – one that you can get right from the comfort of your home.

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