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Slots that pay both ways

Discussing the Deficit of Slots that Pay Both Ways

Slots have infinite features and characteristics – as we once said, they indeed come in various shapes and sizes. Perhaps their beauty lies in the versatility, as game developers can experiment with each creation to no end. There is one type of slot games whose main benefit includes double paylines. The slots, popularly known as pay both ways slots, are an excellent way to double the existing paylines in the game. However, we noticed that there is a deficit of such games on the market. Let’s discuss why. Slots that Pay Both Ways Wait, let’s back up a little – you are probably wondering what we mean by double paylines. Before we start talking about the lack of these games on the market, let’s first see what constitutes slots with double paylines. As you know, paylines represent the number of available winning combinations in slots. We already explained that they could be either paylines or winning ways. The distinction relates to the number of paylines. If they exceed 40, we call them winning ways. Although modern games typically boast hundreds of ways to win (sometimes even thousands), paylines remain a famous mechanic. One subset of payline slots is the pay-both-ways category. ….

What Is Online Casino House Edge

Getting Around the House Edge: Playing Against the House

The house always wins. Every player knows that frequenting casinos bears a certain risk. Although many players cannot really find a name for that risk – they know very well that the risk is there. And that risk is ladies and gentlemen, the house edge. The term describes the notion that all casinos (houses) have an advantage (edge) over players in each round of every game. It’s not hard to guess why the casinos maintain this advantage. Gambling halls are places where players go to gamble and have fun. Occasionally, they win – and that means that the house lost. Of course, casinos cannot afford to lose always, so they need a guarantee that they will stay in business no matter what. In other words, they need an upper hand over the players. As we said, each game has a house edge, but they are not all the same. Below you will find out which games have the lowest house edge in the entire casino game offering. Top Games with the Lowest House Edge The holy trinity of low house edges in online casinos is Baccarat, Craps, and Blackjack. No other games can compete with these three when it comes ….

Mobile Casino Games

How to Play Casino Games at Your Favourite Mobile Casino

Mobile gaming is a very successful trend, especially in 2020. The cellphones that we all carry around wherever we go serve multiple purposes, but we’ll admit that gaming is our favourite one. If you like to take your gaming with you, you don’t have to worry anymore – casinos offer mobile games as well. However, we are aware that learning the ropes of mobile gaming might be a tough task to master. Therefore, we concocted a guide for mobile casino gaming for mobile devices. We covered everything – from registration to lucrative deals that only top-tier mobile casinos offer. Check out the list of advantages that we placed at the bottom of the page. If nothing convinces you to switch to mobile gaming, that will certainly do! Mobile Casino Registration The first thing that you need to do before you start playing mobile casino games is to register. Okay, some online casinos do allow you to try games for free, but it’s best if you sign up and make a new account. Now, mobile casinos function in the same way as regular online or live casinos. Fire up your portable device, visit the site via mobile browsers, and voila – ….

Top Online Casino Specialty Games

Best Casino Specialty Games to Play for Real Money

Online casinos are almost synonymous with slots and table games. Most players that visit gaming sites go there to play titles from the classic categories. However, online casino content has more to offer than just slots and Roulette. If you scratch under the surface, you’ll find an abundance of games that are equally entertaining as your favourite slot games. So, where are they? They are, ladies and gentlemen, in the specialty games section. Now, the name of the category might be a bit ambiguous. Typically, it serves to encompass a wide range of games that you otherwise cannot actually categorize. If you have never played such games, now is the chance to start. You can play specialty games for real money in most online casinos, and some even offer free play. Below you will find the most popular types of specialty games on casino gaming sites. Bingo Before online casinos, Bingo was usually associated with Bingo halls and pleasant family game nights. The digital gaming expansion brought Bingo to the virtual plane where it found a massive loyal fanbase. The reason why it is so popular is that it kept the classic look and feel from the original version. Plus, ….

Most Popular Live Dealer Casino Games

Top Live Dealer Games to Play in Online Casinos

Do you enjoy live Roulette, Blackjack, or Baccarat? Or do you, perhaps, enjoy all three? Regardless of what you love the most, it is crucial to have a variety when it comes to picking what to play. And that is what we are here for! Our mission here is to present all the best titles that you can try out the next time you visit your live casino.  The topic of live casino is not new for us. We talked already about the benefits of playing traditional casino games in real-time. We also covered the basics of such games that are attracting so many punters across the globe. What we didn’t talk about, though, was the choice of games that you can play there. Regardless of your gaming proficiency, you probably know that there are countless live variants in casinos out there. However, we are here to show you which games are the best tables for live casino entertainment. You will see below that we included live Roulette, Blackjack, and Baccarat tables. Whatever game is your cup of tea, we got you covered. Live Roulette Live Roulette is, hands down, the most popular live game in online casinos. The classic ….

Strategy for Online Blackjack

Best Blackjack Strategies for Online Play

In Blackjack, simply remembering the rules is not enough. Don’t get us wrong – the rules are super easy, but it takes more than that to keep winning Blackjack hands. Hence, we decided to help you guys out. If you are looking for a decent Blackjack strategy that can keep you afloat in any Blackjack round, congrats. We are going to discuss the best Blackjack strategies below and see how to apply them to any round. Moreover, we will see what’s the story of charts, and how you can use them to your advantage. Brace yourself, because after this article, you’ll become a pro at playing online Blackjack. Without further ado, have a look at the best Blackjack tactics that players use in online casinos worldwide. Basic Strategy and the Importance of Charts You cannot become an expert at Blackjack without mastering the basics. And by basics, we mean the basic strategy that applies everywhere in the world. A good basic strategy is the foundation of your game proficiency. Ask anyone and they will tell you – you cannot play Blackjack without applying these rules. So, what’s the basic strategy? Well, it is the original strategy based in math. Mathematicians ….

Favorite Themes in Online Slot Games

Most Popular Slot Game Themes

We said this before, but we need to repeat it: video slots truly come in various shapes and sizes. In our previous articles, we tackled topics of different reel variations, mechanics, paylines, and similar technical stuff. We also talked about branded slot games. However, today we will focus on a somewhat lighter topic that undoubtedly interests many of our players. Dear players, let’s discuss the most popular themes in video slots! Themes are perhaps the most interesting part of the entire slot experience. Most players take a lot of time to choose the theme that they enjoy. And it usually lasts longer than picking a provider, or a casino. With themes, you see, it’s like shopping. You browse, and you look at all the colorful titles until something catches your eye. You then play it for free to enjoy their perks without commitment. If you like it, then you get it, it’s that simple. However, most of the new titles that we see on a daily basis are straight-up eye-candy. It’s difficult to choose which theme you like the most because you have so many options. But let us tell you a secret – you don’t have to choose only one! ….

Choosing the Best Casino Game

How to Pick a Perfect Casino Game for You

Digital casino entertainment is flourishing. It is impossible to count all gaming sites that deliver high-quality entertainment to players worldwide. This exponential growth of online casinos is also the reason why there are so many games in these lobbies. Although we love that there is so much new content on the market, choosing what to play can get tricky. Players are often confused with the breadth of choice that they get once they enter casino lobbies. If you ever asked yourself the question “What is the perfect game for me?”, believe us – you are not alone. Every player – regardless of gaming experience – frequently asks this question. And that is why we are here! With this article, we hope to help you choose a perfect game that will suit you completely. We created a list of steps that you can take if you want to figure out your favourite casino game. The Guide Before we start, it is essential to note that this article is suitable both for novices and seasoned veterans. Sometimes, even experienced players run out of ideas about what to play. But no worries, we got you covered. Below you will find a five-step guide ….

Best Branded Slot Games

Understanding the Appeal of Branded Slot Games

If you love playing slots, you must have heard of branded slots. Branded slots form a special category of online slots that draw inspiration from popular movies, TV shows, games, and music. Because there are thousands of video games in the slot community, picking a game might be a challenge for you. You get to explore broad categories that are thematically complete opposites, often stumbling upon new titles that you never played before. But you also get to meet games that instantly remind you of your favourite TV show or movie. If you ever wanted to explore the subject of branded slots, you have come to the right place. Let’s see what the deal is with branded slots and why they are so popular. We also added our top 3 branded online slots that you must try below! What’s in a Name Understanding the concept behind branded games is not difficult at all. The definition is easy – they are regular slots with a particular theme taken from a popular movie or TV show. What is more, it doesn’t have to be only movies or shows. Nowadays, you can find dozens of video slots that are directly linked with popular ….

How to use cryptocurrency for gambling online

Cryptocurrency: The Rising Star of Online Casino Banking

In one of our previous articles, we talked about upcoming 2020 casino trends. We mentioned technology and innovation in every facet of digital gambling and how it will influence casinos further. One significant trend that we didn’t really talk about and it is quite prominent are the cryptocurrencies. As a casino player, you probably know all the different ways casinos have to improve your experience. An essential aspect of customer safety and satisfaction is banking methods and currencies. In this article, we will talk about digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum and try to explain why they are so popular. What are Cryptocurrencies? Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that employ encryption to create new units (or tokens) as well as verify the transactions. Virtual currencies typically use online public ledgers known as the blockchain. The blockchain is there to trace payments. Every cryptocurrency has native coins that circulate the web. This process of creation of new tokens is called mining. Today, over 6,000 cryptocurrencies exist. Of course, wider audiences heard about cryptocurrencies only when Bitcoin appeared on the market. What is interesting about Bitcoin is that it isn’t the first cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is the first decentralized cryptocurrency, which means that it functions ….