How Do Bonus Buy Slots Work?

When it comes to most slot games, one thing players are looking forward to are bonus rounds. Whether it comes in the shape of free spins or a different kind of game, these rounds are usually where the biggest wins happen.

Developers, being aware of how much players love to trigger the bonus round, started incorporating a so-called Bonus Buy feature. This feature allows players to enter the round immediately – for a certain price, of course.

Feature Buy slots are very much similar to the regular online slots. The main difference is that these slots enable you to enter the bonus features instantly. With a quick purchase, you can start your free spins or bonus round with ease.

In this article, we’ll go over some pros and cons of the Bonus Buy option and see why these feature buy slots have become so widespread in recent years.

Advantages of Bonus Buy Feature

There are probably more, but let’s see the three main reasons these slots are so popular these days.

Instant Feature Access

The first reason is the most obvious one. You get to activate the bonus feature immediately. If you are playing a brand-new slot game, you might want to play a few regular spins taking your time to get a feel of the game. However, sometimes triggering the bonus round might take some time, and you want to see if the slot is worth your time and money.

On the other hand, perhaps you are playing a game that is already familiar, so activating the Bonus Buy feature makes sense if you’d like to move swiftly to the enhanced gaming entertainment.

Increased Chances of Winning

The second reason has to do with winnings. It’s a well-known fact that most slots hide bigger wins in their bonus rounds. Instead of waiting for the chance to trigger the feature, you can meddle with fate a little bit and activate it yourself. Bonus rounds usually have more symbols, modifiers, wilds, and multipliers that drastically increase your wins with every spin.

For example, winnings can quickly jump from 10,000x to 25,000x your stake or more. It counts as a drastic change of pace from the base game, and for many players worth the risk of the Bonus Buy feature.

Increased RTP

When it comes to the feature buy slots, many of them increase the return to player (RTP) percentage in extra rounds. You will notice that these slots have two different RTPs available, the lowest for the base game, and the higher for when you play with the Bonus Buy feature active.

To exemplify, the slot has a 96.2% RTP and you decide to take advantage of the Bonus Buy feature. During this feature, your RTP will automatically increase to 97.5%. Each provider determines this number for their game, and it can substantially increase your winning odds.

Best Feature Buy Online Slots

Some of the most popular slot games on the market offer Bonus Buy features, so let’s see which ones are worth checking out:

  1. Knight Rider – NetEnt (96.07%)
  2. 90K Yeti Gigablox – 4ThePlayer (95.50%)
  3. Sakura Fortune 2 – Quickspin (96.03%)
  4. Extra Juicy Megaways – Pragmatic Play (96.42%)
  5. Nightfall – Push Gaming (96.36%)

The choice of feature buy slots is endless. If you would like to try your hand at these innovative slots, we suggest starting with this list of the currently popular titles.

Controversy Around Bonus Buy Slots

While the Bonus Buy slots are gaining popularity, there is still controversy and discussion regarding the Bonus Buy option. Namely, it is well-known that Bonus Buy slots are banned from UK online casinos.

The main reason for this ban according to UKGC is that the feature puts players at risk as it allows them to spend even more money in shorter periods. This puts vulnerable players at risk as they chase big wins.

However, these are all games of chance and whether you opt for the feature or not, winnings are never guaranteed. That is why many consider the Bonus Buy feature a beneficial addition as it enables them to trigger the extra round instantly – placing the power in their hands.

Are They Worth It?

Most feature buy slots are worth it because they trigger an instant bonus feature while increasing your winning chances. This is all thanks to the fact that through activating the feature, you automatically benefit from a higher RTP.

Since Bonus Buy slots were released and their increase of slot volatility, the demand for this feature has grown. Volatile slots allow players to trigger massive wins, however not before generating the prize pool through your player activity. This leads to long periods without triggering any of the exciting slot features.

Thanks to the Bonus Buy feature, it has become possible to skip the wait and enter the action instantly.

Where to Play Bonus Buy Slots

Bonus Buy slots can be found at all the best online casinos on the iGaming market. These casinos boast games from industry-leading software providers such as Big Time Gaming, NetEnt, Microgaming, and more. With such big names supplying these casino platforms, you’ll find more than a few Bonus Buy slot options to choose from.

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