Odd Gambling Facts That Amaze Players Even Today

Weird Gambling Facts

Did you know that dealers must show their hands to the cameras before they leave the table? And would have thought penny slot machines make more money than any other game in the casino? When it comes to weird gambling facts, here’s another one – slots originally popped out fruit-flavored gum, not money!

The gambling world is a vibrant puzzle, and when you throw in superstitions and mysteries, you are bound to end up with bizarre situations and weird facts. If you are a trivia fan like we are, you are going to love our list of weird gambling facts that you probably did not know. Enjoy!

1.  There was a casino located within a prison in Nevada.

Nevada State Prison had a casino. No, it was not open to the public, and yes – it allowed real money gambling games. However, the casino clientele comprised mainly of inmates, as the casino was located within the Nevada State Prison.

The casino was launched in 1932 and worked until the late 1960s, when it was closed due to a new state legislature prohibiting state prison gambling.

The funny thing about the venue is that although criminals were imprisoned there, all players were fair and honest. They never caused problems or cheated, probably because they were worried the casino would be closed for good. Those in charge of the casino and the prison wardens thought having a casino inside might boost the players’ morale – and they were clearly right.

2.  The world’s smallest casino is in the back of a taxi.

You might know about the biggest casinos in the world, but have you ever thought about the smallest casino? Well, you don’t have to think about it now, as we found the world’s smallest gambling house. Although, calling it a house might be a stretch, as it’s located in the back of a cab in London.

The project originated from Grosvenor Casino in Birmingham. The casino’s management thought they could promote the casino by placing it somewhere where no one would ever dare imagine a casino would be – in the back seat of a taxi.

Despite its size, the gambling establishment has everything you might need – a poker table, a dealer, a bar, a TV for watching sports, and access to the online casino site of Grosvenor.

3.  You can ban yourself from a casino.

If you thought the only way to be banished from a casino is if the management deemed you inappropriate, think again. You can ban yourself from a casino whenever you want.

We understand that self-imposed limitations and restrictions are important for players who want to stop gambling. This is especially important for gamblers with a severe addiction looking to quit gaming forever.

Called Voluntary Exclusion, self-exclusion is a project available across several major gambling markets. It is available to all casino-goers who want to end the gambling habit or take a break from gambling for some time.

GAMSTOP lets players voluntarily impose restrictions such as website visit prevention for a specific period in the UK.

4.  Card counting is not illegal.

Here’s one that’s quite controversial – card counting is legal. Card counters, or punters who count cards to advance and ensure wins, are not doing anything wrong. Hence, casinos cannot prevent or pursue a legal battle with them, but they can ask them to leave the premises. The only illegal form of card counting is card counting with external help, such as tips from fellow players or using a device that can potentially help you. But if you are using only your brain to count the card values, you are good.

Unfortunately, the fact that it’s not illegal does very little to help if the casino decides you are no longer welcome there. Gambling houses might decide you should leave the premises if they notice big winnings.

In truth, counters are successfully winning money at the casino, and no gambling house likes that. Hence, if a venue asks you to leave, you should know that they are doing that because you are hindering their profits, but you are not doing anything criminal.

5.  Roulette is called ‘the devil’s game’ because of 666 – the sum of all numbers on the roulette wheel.

Little wheel, or Roulette in French, is a popular game of luck. Blaise Pascal accidentally invented the roulette wheel while working a perpetuum mobile machine. However, gambling experts took the concept to a new level with the addition of pockets and numbers to that wheel.

But did you know that the sum of all numbers on the wheel equals 666? And as that’s the devil’s number, roulette was declared the ‘devil’s game’ Satanized by Christians across the globe for years.

Today, the fact that the sum equals the devil’s number is just a funny coincidence that merely amuses casino goers.

6.  US underground gamblers would swallow dice to avoid being convicted if there was a raid.

Gambling is not allowed in most US states. And as the USA works hard to establish a new gambling market and regulate gaming activity, players reminisce about the old days when all forms of gambling were strictly forbidden.

One peculiar fact about gambling in the USA in the previous century amazes players even today. Namely, players who gambled on dice games often had to descend underground to avoid police raids. These underground gambling joints attracted thousands of players each year, and they were safe from the police most of the time.

However, the police still managed to discover the location of these joints and often performed raids. On such occasions, players were advised to swallow dice to avoid arrest. Why? Well, because the law clearly states that without evidence, there is no chance of conviction. Hence, the best way to ensure safety was to swallow dice before the police could discover them!

7.  Monaco citizens cannot gamble at the Monte Carlo Casino.

Monte Carlo Casino is among the most famous casinos in the world. It’s not the biggest, but it has a legendary reputation which made it a household name. Millions of tourists visit the premises each year, but one specific group of people are forbidden from visiting and playing there. Who would that be, you may ask? Well, Monaco citizens!

The rule has been in place since the casino first opened its doors to the public. No citizen in Monaco is allowed to enter and gamble, but they do have a perk few people in the world have – they don’t have to pay income taxes. So, although they don’t get to gamble, they get to enjoy other perks.


Did you know that the first casino license ever issued in Las Vegas went into the hands of a woman? Oh, and casinos are illegal in Japan. However, players have found a loophole that lets them gamble but only at places called pachinko parlors.

We couldn’t list every weird story or fact about gambling even if we wanted to because there are so many things to remember! However, we left a couple more for the end, as icing on the cake. So, if you want to learn more weird facts about casinos and gambling, stay tuned!

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