Bonus Bagging vs Bonus Abuse

Bonus Bagging vs Bonus Abuse

Playing games at online casinos has always meant to be purely for entertainment. However, some players go a long way to take advantage of the system and try to abuse casino bonuses to their advantage. Now, policies are stricter, and online casinos usually frown upon such practices. Casinos might accuse inexperienced players of bonus bagging or bonus abuse and have their winnings confiscated without even knowing they did something wrong. In this article, we will do our best to explain the bonus bagging and bonus abuse terms, and how to avoid them.

What is Bonus Bagging?

Bonus bagging is a term used by casinos to explain the practice of players to obtain an advantage over the casino. This advantage refers to accepting and playing with their bonuses. It is usually associated with Poker and Sportsbook games, where players can mathematically gain an edge over the house, which will result in them turning the bonus into a profit. When a player bets on all possible outcomes to make a guaranteed profit is considered casino bonus bagging. In reality, this practice is not exactly illegal, but it definitely goes against any casino’s terms and conditions.

Players should always read the fine print and familiarize themselves with their casino’s rules, before playing, in order to avoid breaching them. Any breach of these rules might result in anything from a declined withdrawal to an outright ban, so naturally, you would want to avoid this happening.

Every online casino on the market will have wagering requirements each player needs to meet before cashing out. Bonus bagging will give players an advantage of completing these requirements resulting in a guaranteed profit. The type of players who purposely do this will play aggressively and target highly volatile games. After completing one bonus they will go back to hunting down another one. Over a long period of such playing at the same casino, it might raise some red flags. When such players complete the wagering requirements, their main purpose is to cash out straight away. A bonus bagger has no intention of playing after meeting the wagering requirements if they have already made a profit.

What is Bonus Abuse?

Similar to bonus bagging, bonus abuse is a term that describes a strategy to gain an advantage over the casino to make a profit. It refers to the process of signing up to an online gambling site multiple times using marketing offers normally intended just for new users. Bonus abuse mostly plagues sports betting, poker sites, and other casino games that offer deposit bonuses. These bonuses might be in the form of free spins or free cash.

Years ago, players could easily get away with bonus abuse due to the lack of restrictions surrounding bonuses, but now casinos can easily detect players who abuse their bonuses. Unfortunately, it can happen that sometimes innocent players get accused of this practice. Those are usually inexperienced players or those who have not bothered to check the casino’s terms and conditions. Do not fall into this trap, take some time to understand these rules. If a casino suspects you to be a bonus abuser, and your only defense is that you have not read the terms, you will probably walk away without your earnings.

How to Avoid Bonus Bagging and Bonus Abuse

Now you know what not to do while qualifying for a bonus at an online venue from the previous segments, but here are some other useful tips.

  • Respect the terms and conditions – believe it or not, these rules are there to help you. A casino is certainly not going to help you win, which is why all of them have the house edge. However, you should use their terms to your advantage. You are betting on real money, the least you can do is know what you can and can’t do with it.
  • Understand wagering requirements – another crucial aspect you need to know is how wagering requirements work. What is the point of qualifying for a bonus, if you do not know what to do with it? These requirements are simply a number of times you need to wager your bonus before withdrawing. Almost every bonus you claim will carry these wagering requirements.
  • Playing Pattern – If you have been claiming multiple bonuses and withdrawing as soon as you’ve met wagering requirements,casino might brand you as a bonus abuser. Casinos will pick up your play pattern since they have technology in place in charge of doing this. Just be sure you know the rules before accepting a bonus, abide by them, and you’ll be fine.

Final Word

There are incredible bonuses out there, with more than favourable terms. There is absolutely no need to resort to bonus bagging or bonus abuse in order to win some cash. These bonuses can offer some solid rewards, without disrespecting the casino you are playing at.

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