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What are Online Casino Comp Points and How Do They Work

Loyalty should always be rewarded. Your time and daily money investments, especially if they’re big, make you a quite profitable asset to a casino. Therefore, each true gaming venue aims to keep you right where you are. How do they do it? Enter Comp Points. Basically, Comp Points are part of the rewarding system that best online casinos use to honour their loyal customers. Much like in movies where the big boss gives you a house or a fast car after a great done job, here you will be able to get some serious benefits just by playing regularly and minding your business. Think of it this way: as you swim in the ocean of casino games, the perks (or, in this case, points) will be piling up on the beach and waiting for you when you take a break. What are Comp Points? Comp Points are most often tied to online casinos. The term is a shortened version of Complementary Points, which essentially means that the virtual venue will hand out gratis points to its players which they can later convert into cash or use to any other advantage possible in the establishment. The reason why casinos do this ….

Volatility in Slot Games Explained

There are several ways to classify slot games. From numbers of reels to standard and progressive slots, this type of entertainment is very diverse in numerous ways. Experienced players are already familiar with multiple criteria and concepts that serve for differentiation of slot games. When we wish to learn more about the game, usually most of the information about the game we find inside the game’s settings section. However, sometimes it can happen that one piece of information is not displayed there but can be found in reviews of that specific game. That little piece of information refers to volatility, a concept most players have heard of, but not quite fully understand. So, what is volatility and how is it important for the players? The Concept and the Term Volatility refers to the level of risk for wins. To put it simply, volatility, or variance, indicates to the players how often they can expect wins, and how big they’ll be. Games can have a low, medium, and high level of volatility.The main difference between them is the frequency and size of the wins. Both low and highly volatile games are present equally in the industry. Choosing which game you’ll play ….

How Do Progressive Jackpot Slots Work

How Progressive Jackpot Machines Work

If you’re looking for a way to add a couple of zeros to your bank account, progressive slots are just the thing. This special variation of the famous fruit games was introduced during the ‘80s. Up until then, the only version of slot games known and available for the players had been the regular, standard slot game version. However, in 1986, one of  Las Vegas casinos started offering its players a chance to win massive amounts of cash by playing on progressive machines. Ever since then, countless casinos have joined suit, and now progressive games (or jackpots) are present everywhere. If you’re interested in all the bits and pieces of progressive slot games, join us for a spin around the world of the most popular game in the entire industry. The Progress of Progressive Slots As we already mentioned, progressive slots were first introduced during the ‘80s. After more than 30 years of existence, this specific type of games has reached planetary success, attracting millions of players each year. Before we start explaining how they work, it’s important to explain how regular slots function so that we could draw the parallel. Standard slots are based on spinning the reels and ….

Manual Flushing and Reverse Withdrawals Explained

Being well-versed in casino games is a skill. Every experienced player will tell you that playing online casinos requires years of practice, devotion, and above all else, patience. The effectiveness of mentioned practice comes in handy when you are faced with lines of difficult situations. From knowing what game to play to knowing when to stop, each part of your playing technique can be greatly enhanced and improved. Nevertheless, before you step into the realm of advanced techniques and strategies for enhanced casino play, it is best you get familiar with some rather basic concepts which can help as well. Not only they can help, but they are considered essential for any serious undertaking in the realm of casinos. That is why we decided to cast some light on two such notions. You might have heard of Manual Flushing and Reverse Withdrawals, but hearing is not the same as knowing. If you wish to learn how both of these concepts can benefit your playtime – especially when you have accumulated some funds in your casino account – join us as we get tangled with the technicalities. Let’s face it, withdrawing money from your account can be a bit tedious due ….

Best Strategies to Use When Playing Roulette

The beauty of roulette lies in the very mystery of the outcome. Every accomplished player dreams of defeating or at least subduing gods of roulette as an effort to boost their bankroll. But roulette wouldn’t be so intriguing if it was easy. Over the years, a number of strategies for mastering the game have been devised. Before we dive into all those strategies and tips for the game of roulette, it is important to note that no matter which roulette version you prefer, there is no possible way to truly predict the future outcome. The only thing you can do is try to guess in what court the ball will swing in as often as you can, but you can’t beat the system. The strategies which we offer down below are just the tip of an iceberg when it comes to creative ways to grasp roulette. They are, however, the most used, and they wouldn’t be so popular if they didn’t prove to be effective (at least once or twice). The Martingale This is probably the most popular game plan used by the roulette enthusiasts and it is actually very simple. To ensure the recuperation of all your lost cash, ….

The Process Behind Making a Slot Game

Slots are among the most popular choices of entertainment in the whole online gaming industry. The sheer number of titles and themes that circle around are an actual reflection of the interest they gather. They’re classic – fast, easy to play, and obscenely fun. Plus, they can make you a millionaire in a matter of seconds. But the actual process of manufacture that happens far from our eyes is even more interesting. In case you were wondering what happens behind the scenes and what is the path from the idea to the realization before you, join us for a spin as we’re about to tour the industry following the step-by-step process. Designing the Idea The first step of the way is, of course, the formation of the base idea. Generally speaking, to some this might come as the most difficult step, as when you start out you already are faced with a plethora of titles that cover an almost infinite number of topics. To create something completely new, providers rely on their creative teams to come up with a design that reflects innovation as well as the preferred audience and the channel for distribution. The key points of the design ….

Top Casino Games for the Players Who Do Not Want to Strategize

You do not have to be a Blackjack card counting master or learn how to manipulate a table full of poker sharks to make the most of your casino time. Even James Bond himself won one of the most legendary bets of all time at a Baccarat table, a game that requires no strategic skills whatsoever. For some, the element of chance and the suspense of not knowing what lies ahead are the flavour of casino gambling and no amount of strategic bravado can measure up to the feeling of winning the Straight Up Roulette bet. If unpredictability is what attracts you to gambling, the games listed below will give you just the right amount of adrenaline rush you crave for… Roulette One of the most dynamic casino tables can offer a range of statistics or Hot/Cold number trackers (especially in online variants), yet the majority of players completely dismiss strategic potential of Roulette. The landing pocket of the ball is completely random, and Roulette aficionados wouldn’t want it any other way. According to the most passionate players of this game, trying to systemize the ball bounce and find a pattern is not only borderline impossible, it also defeats the ….

What to Look for When Choosing an Online Casino?

In an ideal world, you would be able to simply go online and launch any of the million casinos that cover your search results page – no questions asked. However, we live in the imperfect world where factors like territory restrictions, licences, payout speed, gaming offers, etc., will often determine your choice for you, forcing you to employ some structure to your search. If this sounds too complicated or time-consuming, let us immediately put your mind at ease – a background check of the casino requires no more than a few steps and a couple of minutes on the world wide web. Start with the basics: licence, games, and bonuses The first step is determining your search criteria and figuring out what are the elements that you simply cannot do without. Keen table game players and live casino lobby visitors will obviously not come near to an online casino that only offers bingo and slot games, regardless of the welcome bonus or reputability. Once you are certain that the site features all gaming categories you could possibly need, scroll down to the very bottom of the page and find the licence issuer. Players are usually less inclined to make compromises ….

Video Slots and How to Beat Them

Video Slots are the most affordable and diverse category of games, ideal for players who enjoy games of chance with low stakes. One of the main advantages of this gaming category is that it enables you to stretch the budget and bet no more than $0.01 per spin or let your hair down, wagering over $200 on a single spin. If you are put off by their simplicity, rest assure that they have come a long way from the coin-operated, fruit-themed one-liners. Slots nowadays are visually advanced, packed with bonus features, and even available on VR platforms. Although RNG mechanism ensures the random outcome, there are still some aspects of the game that can be controlled. A few basic rules can significantly improve your gameplay and help you power through the dry spins until you hit the big win. This is particularly true for progressive slots, where time is of the essence and longer sessions will improve your odds of hitting a jackpot. >>Top Casinos for Playing Slot Machines Online The dos and don’ts of playing slots Obviously, there is no specific game-related strategy which will help you predict the next symbol combination that will form on the reels. However, ….