What are Online Casino Comp Points and How Do They Work

Loyalty should always be rewarded.

Your time and daily money investments, especially if they’re big, make you a quite profitable asset to a casino. Therefore, each true gaming venue aims to keep you right where you are. How do they do it?

Enter Comp Points.

Basically, Comp Points are part of the rewarding system that best online casinos use to honour their loyal customers. Much like in movies where the big boss gives you a house or a fast car after a great done job, here you will be able to get some serious benefits just by playing regularly and minding your business. Think of it this way: as you swim in the ocean of casino games, the perks (or, in this case, points) will be piling up on the beach and waiting for you when you take a break.

What are Comp Points?

Comp Points are most often tied to online casinos.

The term is a shortened version of Complementary Points, which essentially means that the virtual venue will hand out gratis points to its players which they can later convert into cash or use to any other advantage possible in the establishment.

The reason why casinos do this is that they aim to increase player engagement and retention. By treating their devoted customers in such a manner, they make sure the players stay in the casino instead of jumping ship and trading the comfort for other venues. But there are a few catches: while most casinos do not require you to pay extra to get into any VIP level of their Loyalty programme, there are still several establishments that do.

Nevertheless, in casinos where such processes are not obligatory, you collect your points as soon as you start playing the games. Each spin or hand that you play translates to points which you can access via your casino’s Cashier page.

Brick and mortar venues have Comp Points as well, but they usually require participation in the Loyalty Programme by way of paying more or depositing higher amounts of cash at once. The Comp points are usually reserved for high rollers, as they find them more beneficial on different occasions.

What You Can Expect From Comp Points

Now, once you amassed a properamount of points, the question of usefulness emerges. What can you actually do with your complementary points?

First of all, most casinos will give you the option of redeeming them for cash. In most cases, that cash can be used only within the casino, meaning that you will have to place bets and win before any real cash can be withdrawn.

It is not unheard of that some virtual venues offer you the chance to redeem them for real money that you are then able to collect and take home straight away. Those instances are, however, quite rare and usually reserved for very experienced players with lenghty tenure in the specific establishment.

Another possibility is the opportunity to participate in certain elite tournaments.

Some casinos host certain tournaments where only selected members can join in. By collecting these points and levelling up in the casino, you might get the chance to enter one of these exclusive events and potentially earn substantial amounts of money.

The best example is online roulette or poker. Poker is usually associated with players seeking higher levels of risk and adrenaline, so taking part in grand tournaments with selective participation suggests they will place high bets – more money for the casino, and potentially more money for the player. A win-win type of situation.

Finally, somewhere you might even encounter an option to redeem your points for promotional merchandise or some variants of bonuses.

No matter which option do you use, make sure to play responsibly. Comp points are very beneficial in theory, but sometimes they can encourage gaming enthusiasts to play more and risk their bankroll to a certain extent.

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