Top Casino Games for the Players Who Do Not Want to Strategize

You do not have to be a Blackjack card counting master or learn how to manipulate a table full of poker sharks to make the most of your casino time. Even James Bond himself won one of the most legendary bets of all time at a Baccarat table, a game that requires no strategic skills whatsoever. For some, the element of chance and the suspense of not knowing what lies ahead are the flavour of casino gambling and no amount of strategic bravado can measure up to the feeling of winning the Straight Up Roulette bet.

If unpredictability is what attracts you to gambling, the games listed below will give you just the right amount of adrenaline rush you crave for…

  1. Roulette

    One of the most dynamic casino tables can offer a range of statistics or Hot/Cold number trackers (especially in online variants), yet the majority of players completely dismiss strategic potential of Roulette. The landing pocket of the ball is completely random, and Roulette aficionados wouldn’t want it any other way. According to the most passionate players of this game, trying to systemize the ball bounce and find a pattern is not only borderline impossible, it also defeats the purpose of the game. After all, if you want to exercise control, wouldn’t Blackjack be a better option? Obviously, choosing a high frequency bet is a form of strategy, but not reliable enough to be taken into consideration.

    Risk seekers can even go a step further and choose the American, double zero version of the game, which increases the house edge.

  2. Slots

    Another random game that cannot be affected by outside factors. Again, budget management or anything related to distributing bets in a certain way does not count – we are talking about clear-cut methodology or a set of skills that can actually directly affect the outcome of the game (such as card counting or shuffle tracking in Blackjack). Even the basic Blackjack splitting rules can affect the players’ odds, but with Slots, the result is perfectly random and not caused by a certain action. In other words, while you can make a decision to split the 10s in Blackjack and drastically reduce your winning odds, you will not have the same power in Slots. It should be noted that some progressive Slots benefit from raising the bets (in some cases, pressing the bets may be required to unlock the possibility of a jackpot), but there are absolutely no guarantees that you will win.

  3. Craps

    Just like Roulette, Craps strategies and dice control have raised a lot of controversy, but to a number of players, dice have a mind of their own. Also, one of the most popular Craps techniques – dice sliding – is considered cheating, so relying on it will only get you in trouble. Even if you are willing to take your chances, dice sliding will not do you much good if you are playing Craps online since dealers will be the ones to toss.

  4. Baccarat

    The absolute Master of games of chance, Baccarat is known as a high-roller’s number 1 choice. The variety of online casinos and live tables has made Baccarat accessible to an average player and apart from sticking to the Banker bet, there’s not much you can do to ensure a positive outcome. Due to the high occurrence rate, Banker comes with a 5% commission rate applied to every winning hand, while Player bet will be paid in full. The house edge will go through the roof on the Tie bet which has the highest payout rate, but is often avoided and referred to as the “sucker bet”.