Manual Flushing and Reverse Withdrawals Explained

Being well-versed in casino games is a skill. Every experienced player will tell you that playing online casinos requires years of practice, devotion, and above all else, patience.

The effectiveness of mentioned practice comes in handy when you are faced with lines of difficult situations. From knowing what game to play to knowing when to stop, each part of your playing technique can be greatly enhanced and improved.

Nevertheless, before you step into the realm of advanced techniques and strategies for enhanced casino play, it is best you get familiar with some rather basic concepts which can help as well. Not only they can help, but they are considered essential for any serious undertaking in the realm of casinos.

That is why we decided to cast some light on two such notions. You might have heard of Manual Flushing and Reverse Withdrawals, but hearing is not the same as knowing.

If you wish to learn how both of these concepts can benefit your playtime – especially when you have accumulated some funds in your casino account – join us as we get tangled with the technicalities.

Let’s face it, withdrawing money from your account can be a bit tedious due to verification procedures and processing times. That said, casinos often offer Manual Flushing and Reverse Withdrawal as alternatives to classic withdrawal. Some say, just to try and change your mind,  make you stick around and re-invest your winnings.

Manual Flushing

Although this feature is not available in every casino, it is still very important to at least get the hang of what it actually represents for the players.

Essentially, manual flushing represents a feature that the players use to clear out their accounts. To illustrate that, a player that decides to use the option of manual flushing will voluntarily initiate a complete wipeout of his cash balance within the casino.

This means that they won’t be able to access the funds involved in the process while the cash out process is fully completed. It brings some advantages. Using manual flushing will prevent any possible losses if the player wishes to continue playing. Imagine this: you started playing, but you suddenly experienced a losing streak. To prevent future losses, you can initiate the manual flushing which will move the funds to an area where you cannot access it thus saving you and your funds in the process.

The full effect of Manual Flushing is seen when players combine it with Reverse Withdrawals.

Reverse Withdrawals

Similar to manual flushing, reverse withdrawals are not seen in casinos very often. The main reason is the security of the players, as this feature allows them to cancel the withdrawal process and keep their funds on their accounts.

Let’s delve into it a bit deeper: withdrawals are complex processes which take more time to complete than deposits.

The reason behind this is that the casinos need to go through security protocols to verify your identity and credentials. Once you pass the check, the process of withdrawing money can begin.

The reverse withdrawal happens during the verification time. Before the casino finally approves of the withdrawal and money is on its way to be transferred out of the casino, you can use this feature to cancel your request and keep your funds on your account. This often happens when players change their minds about leaving and decide to continue playing in the lobby.

This feature is a little bit tricky. It requires a lot of confidence and self-control from the players, as choosing to stay and continue playing might induce some trouble if the player has encountered several consecutive losses.

It doesn’t matter how experienced you are, every once in a while, there comes an opportunity that’s hard to resist. Despite the opinion claiming casinos invented these options as a way to persuade you to play more instead of collecting, these features are here to help you by preventing any foolish decision and acting on impulse.

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