Predicting Online Casino Trends in 2020

What 2020 Will Bring to Online Casino Industry

More than a week ago, we stepped into a new year, and a new decade.

Great things are expected to come our way in 2020, especially regarding the online casino industry. Between consistent advancements in technology and intrepid achievements across all sectors of gaming, borders and lines will be blurred. And that is an understatement. Here is what we can expect in 2020.

More Technology for More Authenticity

Technology is evolving at breakneck speed, and the possibility of slowing down is gradually disappearing. It seems that no one wants to slow down technological progress. In the new decade, we can expect stronger performances across numerous devices, as well as shared experiences between multiple platforms that support gaming.

And we are not talking only about mobile gaming. Mobile casinos became a hit in 2018 and 2019. The industry quickly filled with mobile casinos vying for the attention of the players around the globe. In a way, mobile casino gaming mirrors the mindset of a modern gamer. Speed, flexibility, and accessibility bring a wealth of possibilities to players, and that is only going to heighten in 2020.

One thing that we learned in 2019 is that enhanced individuality is not exactly what the punters are looking for. What they do want is authenticity. Authentic gaming experiences previously found only within the walls of land-based casinos are now a key requirement for online casinos. The best example of that is live casino gaming.

Live Casino is the New Black

In our previous articles, we talked about the appeal of the live casino offer. Online casinos incorporate live dealer titles into their libraries to emulate the original land-based casinos. Pure, effortless live casino entertainment brings online players closer to old-school casinos with just a click.

Near the end of 2019, we had a glimpse of what awaits us in the future. Playtech, the pioneer of digital casino entertainment, launched the first-ever live slot. The game is a hybrid of online slots and live dealer games that brings slot players together for a shared experience. The focus here is on the community, as players enter the presenter-led game in real-time and interact via live chat.

Live slots are still a revelation in the industry. They are just an example of the strong influence of live casinos on the gaming community. And they also hint at the all-encompassing nature of the live dealer games that will envelop iGaming in the years to come.

Different Realities

Speaking of hybrids, the online casino industry is no stranger to amalgamation. When 3D video slots appeared, we were all introduced to a new generation of games. But let’s not forget that evolution is an on-going process. It is just a matter of time before we meet the next generation of casino games.

Experts predict that in 2020 gaming will overcome challenges presented by reality. That means that VR games will become more pronounced as casinos transcend simple platforms to reach new dimensions.

And after 3D slots, live casino, and mobile gaming, VR gaming will undoubtedly crown the opening of the new decade.

Social Casino Expansion

As we mentioned above, players are not exactly looking for individual playtime anymore. Social media hijacked our daily routines and seeped into all spheres of our lives. Casino gaming included. The appearance of social casinos brought more ways to have fun and explore casinos without worrying about money.

The main characteristic of social casinos is that you play for fun, not money. In that way, entertainment is stressed, rather than winnings and profit. Moreover, you can play with your friends – using only your Facebook account. Gaming experts say that this type of gambling is yet to reach its full potential in 2020, as 2019 was just a preview.

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