The Persistent Beauty of Video Poker: How Video Poker Remains One of Our Favorite Choices

How to Play Video Poker

The online gambling realm is a jungle of entertainment opportunities. Fun awaits at every corner, but it’s up to you to choose what you want to play. And choosing might be a challenging task, given that you get to pick between slots, live games, and RNG versions of your favorite table games like video poker.

In this article, we would like to focus more on video poker. This game has been a popular attraction for decades, but we never had a chance to cast more light on this exciting casino game.

Join us for a spin around the most popular video poker casinos to discover how has it managed to stay on top every player’s list of favorites.

The Story of Video Poker

Video poker is a game with a very long history. The first video poker machine – the precursor to the digital version – came out in 1891. Ten years after that, the first-ever draw machine known as Skill Draw appeared.

But the spark that caused an exponential growth of its popularity was the change in hand rules. The lowest hand became a pair of jacks – and the rest became history.

In 1900, the machines gained worldwide recognition, which caused companies all over the world to create them. They were so famous that slot machines are to this day known as ‘pokies’ – short for poker – in Australia.

How to Play

In case you are unfamiliar with the concept of this game, we are here to introduce you. After all, discussing it is not possible if we are not fluent in the game, right?

The rules of video poker are so simple that, if you decide to, you can become a pro in days. Hours, even!

All it takes is a reliable variant in a good online casino, and you are all set.

To play, you first decide on a bet amount for your rounds. After that, you start the round and watch as the RNG machine draws five cards.

As this is a poker game, you get to pick which cards you want to keep and which you are willing to discard. Once you make up your mind about the cards, click on those that you want to keep and continue the round. The machine will draw more cards, and if you complete a winning hand, you get the corresponding payout.

And that’s it! Of course, there are several variants, so the rules might vary depending on the version you chose.

Nevertheless, this is the gist of it.

The Appeal of The Game

So, the main question for today’s article is – how has video poker managed to stay so prevalent?

The answer lies in its nature. The RNG version is easier to handle than the real game. Moreover, live dealer tables are fast-paced, real-time tables that typically involve community gameplay with fellow punters. For the RNG version, you do not have to worry about time limits and other players – you can enjoy it in the comfort of your home on your own.

Moreover, the video version, as easy as it is, still requires more skill than slots. In slots, no strategies or plans can help you achieve better results. Here, however, they can.

Another interesting thing about the RNG version is that it is a perfect spot to practice real poker. Many players enjoy it but are not confident about their skills. Rather than reading about various strategies and risking money until they achieve a certain level of proficiency, they play video poker. It does offer you a limited window into real-time gameplay, as it’s still far from the real thing.

Nevertheless, video poker has established itself as a trendy casino game with millions of fans. And it will stay in fashion for years to come.

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