Paylines vs. Ways to Win: Which Slot Mechanics is Better?

If you are here, odds are you have been puzzled by those various terms that basically refer to the same thing. Do not fret; we will explain everything to a t.

The fact is that things in the past were much simpler. The traditional slot machine consisted of only one payline, so you either win or lose. With no other option in between, gambling back then was as straight-forward as can be. But it was also less dynamic and immersive. Nowadays betways go as high as 117,649, which is something early manufacturers could never imagine.

Online gambling continues to progress and grow, and today we will be telling you about key differences and resemblances between paylines and ways to win.

Similarities between Paylines vs. Ways to Win

You may have known this, but there are two kinds of strategies upon winning when playing slots.

It is entirely up to the slot provider to choose whether they will go for paylines or winning ways, and you call the shots when it comes to picking one. A mass of worldwide popular online slots and progressive jackpots boast paylines, such as Mega Moolah by Microgaming, for instance. Other classics like Immortal Romance show off 256 ways to win. So, what’s the deal with that?

The similitude is reflected in their essence. Both approaches to creating winning combos are exactly that – methods. They represent the number of possible combinations which you can use to your benefit to win. To put it briefly, if you manage to align appropriate symbols on one of the designated lines, you will have yourself a win. This rule goes for both paylines and betways.

Paylines vs. Ways to Win: How to Tell the Difference

To start off with technical stuff, paylines have a single unique name. Ways to win, on the contrary, possess a couple of synonyms. So do not get confused when you hear fellow gamblers refer to them as betways or winning ways.

Secondly, paylines come in smaller numbers. Akin those old-school cabinets, paylines arrive in tiny groups, going from as low as 3 up to a total of 40 in most cases. Anything above 40 is considered a way to win.

On the other hand, winning ways are counted in two or three-digit numbers. The standard 5×3 reel grid structure usually comes with 243 ways. The 5×4 framework typically has 1,024 ways, whilst the uncommon 6×4 playing board boasts around 4,096 ways to win.

What Is Unique about Ways to Win

What might be clear now is the biggest difference is quantity.

Paylines do not have the luxury of growing beyond 40. Ways to win amounts are next to infinite. Some online casino suppliers, such as Big Time Gaming (BTG) have come up with exclusive features that even further enhance these paths. Namely, BTG’s trademark Megaways feature has been integrated into an abundance of their video slots, and allows as many as 117,649 ways to win.

All in all, it is all a matter of preference. Nevertheless, you should stay informed on the matter and see where the discrepancy lies. If you want more opportunities for creating more creative combos, then betways are just the thing for you. Should you like to keep things simple, stick to the classic paylines.

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