Online Slot Games – Is AutoPlay Really a Good Option?

As we already mentioned several times, slots are appealing to players that don’t like a hassle.

Online slots are easy, rewarding, and fun – a definition of pure, effortless entertainment.

They also come in all shapes and sizes, displaying a thematical variety that no game can rival. However, one thing that is always in focus is the Spin button. Arguably, spinning is the definition of slot games. Right? Well, yes and no.

With the introduction of Auto Spin (or AutoPlay in some cases) that ease-of-use was yet again challenged. Players now have even easier access to their favorite pastime, but that posed several questions regarding the true nature of slot machines.

You are guessing right – today we are talking about the concept of Auto Play and its influence on the gameplay within slot machines.

Time of Your Life

The main argument for the Auto Spin button is the reason they invented it in the first place. The option is supposed to give you more accessibility and shorten the wait time. During spins, you can choose how many spins you want the computer to spin by itself. In turn, you are saved from the hassle of clicking the Spin button repeatedly every few seconds.

This way, you have more time on your hands, which means that you can even do other things while the rounds are spinning. Of course, many punters find the fact that you do not have to click all the time appealing. On the other hand, most of them are not interesting in doing anything else – because they are playing the game. But they are still able to choose what they want to do, all the while the game is spinning completely uninterrupted.

Non-believers also argue the question of money loss. In some way, they are not exactly wrong. During Auto Play, you cannot change bets, i.e. what you placed as the initial bet remains locked for the duration of all Auto Spins. For many players, that represents a high potential loss, as they might not want to invest that much money.

However, the developers had that in mind while they were creating the option. You can set the loss limit while you are adjusting the AutoPlay options. The game automatically stops when you reach that limit, so you are essentially protected from excessive losses of precious funds. Oh, and it also stops when you trigger the special features like Free Spins. As we all like to watch and play the Free Spins, this is a great consideration on the developers’ part.

Essence No More

Even with numerous advantages, some players simply are not fans of Auto Play. The reasons are also aplenty, but one argument stands out: it takes the essence of the game away. By clicking on the Auto Play, you are shortening the process of viewing what you’ve won/lost and heading straight to the goal. To illustrate, imagine driving through an amusement park. With AutoPlay, you are seeking factual entertainment, but with proper clicking, you might even have time to admire the scenery. In the example of video slots, that means that the visual aspect of the game is often disregarded for the sake of the prize. And it doesn’t bode well with all the players.

We already discussed loss limits, so you don’t have to worry about losing money here.

But you do lose time for strategies. Namely, many punters enjoy strategizing (yes, even with slots) and with Auto Spins, that option simply doesn’t exist. Strategies and tricks such as changing bet and coin levels cannot be used during automatic spins.

All Options Are Optional

If you tend to frequently change bets during playtime, AutoPlay is perhaps not the best solution for you. You can stick to the well-known, traditional approach – click and spin! If, on the other hand, you want a more hands-free experience, you’ll find the button right next to the main Spin button.

From supporters to naysayers, one fact remains – Auto Play exists as a cluster of adjustable options designed to make things easier for you. But, whether you like those options or not is completely up to you. The option is, after all, optional.

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