Live Slot Games: The Best of Both Worlds?

Casino players are usually divided into two major groups – slot and table/card game fans. While many players enjoy playing a variety of games, gamers can sometimes be divided based on their preferred type of games.

One of the latest revolutions in casino gaming is the live casino.

The newfangled category of casino entertainment, live dealer, was introduced to boost the experience of table game players. Or at least, it was at first.

Live casino revolves around table games, right? Well, not anymore. News about the new live slot game made significant waves in the entire casino community. While we only had live Roulette or live Blackjack in the past, we now can enjoy a playful mixture of live casino and video slots – all thanks to Playtech.

It’s a Blitz

The new Playtech title, Buffalo Blitz Live is the product of live casinos and video slots.

The live slot is to spearhead an entirely new genre of casino entertainment. The main characteristics of the game come from both slots and live dealer titles. 

A presenter is leading the game. We will avoid calling her a live dealer, as she does not deal with anything. Her only duty is to chat with the players that have joined the live chat and occasionally press the manual Spin Button.

In terms of scope, the game allows an unlimited number of players to join in. That essentially means that whilst playing, you will be able to communicate with other players that are playing the game at the same time as you do.

The regular version of Buffalo Blitz is a high-volatility video game. Of course, that translated into the live version as well. Wins are not so often, but when they come – they are glorious. Losses are much more frequent, but thankfully, you now have a community to share the bad – and the good – with.

How to Play the Game

The rules are easy. Think of it as Auto play in regular video slots. You can select the number of spins you want to play, your bet, and the loss limit. If you run out of cash or Spins, you will be automatically be eliminated from the game. In Buffalo Blitz Live, the minimum bet is €0.40 per spin.

Slot Community

While many players have repeatedly expressed their excitement over the new game (and genre), others were not so pleased. The division of sentiments lies in the nature of the new game. Slots are commonly known as individual games. That means that the players are used to playing on their own, choosing the pace of the game and the number of spins as they see fit.

Now, with this version, the gameplay depends on the community. The reels spin automatically, and if someone from the chat wants to see a manual spin, the presenter will do it. However, that happens rarely.


Generally, the idea of live slots was something we all thought about at least once. It is a spectacular idea. Live slots would combine fan-favorite video slots with the revolutionary live dealer mechanism. In a way, it would bring online slots one step closer to the authentic experience of land-based casinos.

However, after a closer inspection of the new game, we concluded that it might not be that case after all. Slots in land-based casinos provide individual experiences as well, so the best equivalent is still the online video slots. Following that logic, live slots create a whole new genre, completely detached from online and land-based machines.

We all have different tastes, so the new genre will not, most likely, affect everyone in the casino industry. But, as always, there is no doubt that a certain group of players will find the new creation quite interesting.

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