How to Make Casino Bonuses Work for You

Almost all reputable online casinos offer spectacular Welcome Offers. Not only that, but they include a series of nice bonuses that begin once you finish with the housewarming gift. For a typical casino player, these bonuses represent a no-brainer: use them and then wait for other bonuses.

However, you can often stumble upon various inconveniences regarding your bonus. The cash amount is not high enough, the wagering requirements are too high, or the bonus is generally sticky. All this represents a hassle for a player who just wanted to have fun. What is important to understand is that casinos offer such high wagering requirements as an incentive, but intentionally make it hard for the players to reach them.

The result? Most players fail to make use of their bonuses. The usual case is when they do not fulfil the requirements in time, so the bonus expires. However, Affactive is here to help you.

Here is how you can change this unfavourable situation and make the bonus work for you.

Check the Terms

This might seem like such a simple step that we do not even need to mention it, right?

Well, that is where you wrong. Most players throughout the world get dazzled with the glittery offer they found at the casinos. They rush to register and start playing, anxious to see the cash raining down on them. This impatience has one grave consequence – they miss the small print. And guess what happens then?

They realize that wagering requirements easily topple the amount that they can win, so they quickly lose it and need to invest their own money. That is why it is of utmost importance to check each detail before you sign up. The best-case scenario is that you find a casino with less than 35x wagering requirements. However, that is a rare occurrence. In most cases, casinos offer around 40x, while everything above that should be avoided.

Expiration Date

The other important step towards your bonus mastery is checking the expiration date. Online casinos typically give you a week to fulfil all conditions mentioned above.

Let’s be honest – that might be difficult to achieve. Seven days is not enough if you have astronomical wagering requirements and game stipulations. Nevertheless, nothing is set in stone. You always have options. The first thing that we suggest is to try looking for a better bonus with a longer expiry date in a different casino.

However, if you like the casino where you found the original Welcome Package offer, you do not need to leave. You can calculate the best way to fulfil the requirements by taking into consideration the games count for the bonus.

Slot Master or Roulette Whiz?

Finally, we would like to address the question of allowed games. As you might know, digital venues sometimes place a limit on the games from the lobby.

Consequently, some types of games do not count towards reaching the bonus. What this means is that, if your bonus terms exclude roulette, wins and any prizes from roulette will not count for the wagering requirements. No matter how much cash you win, the result will be the same.

That is why the smartest thing to do is check the games that are allowed in detail. If you are a slot fanatic, this won’t pose a problem for you. Slots are the most popular game category in the casino realm, so all casinos have a valid Welcome Offer designed for slot players.

On the other hand, a penchant for table games is somewhat trickier. You need to search for casinos that specifically have bonuses for table games, otherwise, you will be forced to play slots to reach the requirements.

Tips to Go

Getting used to casino bonuses might seem complex but trust us – it is not.

It is very easy once you get the hang of the Terms and Conditions (and the small print). The smartest way around the bonuses is going small. To put it simply, place smaller bets rather than big ones, and your balance will stay positive.

If you forget to keep track, you will soon end up placing massive bets that lead to a bonus balance bankruptcy. Be patient, read the T&C, and bet small.

And most importantly, have fun!


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