High Limit vs Low Limit Slots

We talked about slot machines so much in our previous articles that we can easily say that we have become slot masters.

From volatility to paylines, we covered numerous strategies and concepts of great slots located in grand lobbies. However, one part of the entire experience was left out.

Betting is an integral part of your playtime. Based on betting habits, all players are sorted into two (main) groups – low rollers and high rollers. And as they say – each category of players has its own type of preferred games.

Those games are known as high limit and low limit slots.

Both versions have different aliases in the gaming community, but the concept is the same.

Today we would like to explain both types in a more detailed fashion, with a special focus on the appeal of those games to their respective audiences. Without further ado, here is everything you need to know about the high limit and low limit slots.

Penny Slots

Penny slots are the low limit slots. The so-called penny slots are slot machines that promote smaller bets on each round. In fact, a penny slot gives the players the ability to place the minimum bet of just one penny per single line.

However, they often come with a catch – players must place bets on all lines, which means that bets are never just a few pennies large. The reason why they are so popular is that they are suitable for players that do not like investing large sums of money immediately. I

nstead, the gamers can relax and place seemingly minute bets with less risk of busting-out. The illusion of investing only a handful of pennies for a round holds much appeal to players who are there just for the fun.

Dollar Slots

The dollar slots, or better known as high limit slots, are designed to give the players a chance to place bigger bets. This means that the minimum in high limit slots often surpasses the maximum in penny slots. High rollers love these games. Punters who enjoy taking risks usually search for dollar slots.

These types of slots give them a chance to experience the thrill of the best kind – the adrenaline of going big instead of going home is not easily resistible. Games that employ these betting settings are found in almost all categories of slots. From classic fruits to high-quality video slots, your options are virtually limitless. The appeal is actually self-explanatory.

In fact, as most progressive jackpots incorporate this breadth of betting choiceso as to attract players who like to play with higher bets.

The Golden Middle

If you are not sure which type of player you are, we suggest starting from the middle.

Quarter slots are the term for games with minimum bet amount of €0.25 per spin. In terms of risk and adventure, these little creations are the middle. They provide a lot of quality entertainment for all types of players. They are also the largest community of games.

Thematically, they cover everything – from Asian culture to pirates and heists. Versatile gameplay, interesting game mechanics and freedom for bet range are what differentiates these games from other, standard types. Quarter slots are built to cater to a wide audience, so sticking with this type of game is perhaps the simplest way to ease into the slotosphere.

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