Explaining the Makings of a Great Slot Machine

As one of the most versatile game categories in the casino industry, slots are the type of game every player played at least once. From theme to theme, design to design, you can find slots in almost every different way that you can imagine.

We already explained the process behind making slot machines, so you probably know that slots are multilayered and involve a plethora of minute details. However, some games are more successful than the rest, even though they are produced in a fairly similar way. We asked ourselves why is that the case and found a list of slot elements that attract players the most. If you wish to find out how slots succeed in standing out from the crowd, read on.

Theme and Design

Theme and design are the first things you will notice when you enter the game. In fact, the theme can be guessed from the title, which acts as the first attention-grabber for the players.

Now, if you go to the lobby of your favorite casino, you will be able to see the abundance of topics that slots cover: from ancient Egypt to popular sports, even movies and music bands are not excluded. Pirates, jungles, fairytales – you name it. Great slots, however, are not focused necessarily on unusual themes. Some of the best slot games out there use regular and run-of-the-mill themes, but they have an ace up the sleeve that makes them more prominent. And you’ve guessed it – it’s the design.

A good design is important because it not only attracts the players but also makes them stay loyal and continue playing in the future. If players can enjoy amazing graphics with the authentic soundtrack, it will be easier for them to immerse in the gameplay and enjoy even more the game.

Special Features

Of course, it is not only about the visual aspects. The other strategy software providers use is the implementation of intriguing special features. And it is not hard to guess why is that important for a great game. For example, if you have two slots that are similar in theme and both have great design, you will probably decide for the one with better symbols. In other words, symbols that can be used in better special features.

The favorite form of special features for most players is the Free Spins feature, but Multipliers are not so far behind as well. Other special features include Wild symbol variations, different Bonus rounds that include a game completely separate from the base game, and feature retriggering.

Players also tend to pick slots that have different reel mechanisms like Cascading Reels. This specific element differs from game to game, and some providers even have their trademark Reel feature showcased in their games.

RTP and Good Payouts

The final most important thing that differentiates a slot game from other games in the bunch is the RTP rate. Essentially, RTP (Return to Player) percentage represents the cash players can expect to be returned to them while they play a certain slot according to the amount that they have invested in the game by way of betting.

The higher the RTP rate, the game pays out more. And that is the entire point of playing slots – the payout.The entire slot category is famous for being the most profitable type of casino games where players can become indeed rich in a matter of seconds. A great example of such a slot is Microgaming’s Mega Moolah.

The progressive jackpot is connected to a wide network of jackpots with a prize pool which is constantly rising. And occasionally someone hits the jackpot and wins the entire sum, transforming his life in a blink.


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