Examining the Appeal of Live Dealer Casino Games

Live Casino is the latest revolution in the online casino realm.

A growing number of gaming venues are incorporating live dealer titles into their offers and esteemed lobbies. Providers are launching live titles, exclusive tables, and opulent Roulette, Blackjack, and Poker rooms.

What’s the deal with live dealers, you ask? That is precisely what we are about to explore and hopefully, provide an answer for.

Real Casino Revival

When we started playing in online casinos, we were delighted by the prospects of casino entertainment brought straight to our homes. The journey to a land-based casino was shortened, or better yet, eliminated in total. Fun was now at our fingertips, easily accessible whenever we wanted. The entire player community was thrilled.

Then, we slowly started asking for more. Step by step, the technology advanced and birthed mobile gaming – another revolution! But that’s a story for another time. The objective became crystal clear – easy access to genuine casino entertainment is paramount.

What we simultaneously realized is that online and mobile casino gaming was just a beginning. In other words, that was just the start of a profound change in the concept of casino entertainment. What followed that shook the frame to such extent that we are still learning to consolidate everything under one single concept.

More Authenticity, Please

After the condition for easy access was fulfilled, it was time to focus on the authenticity of the experience provided.

Casino game developers began brainstorming ways to boost the atmosphere of online casinos to mimic the atmosphere found in land-based venues. At first, that was not such an easy task. The original, real casino experience was compiled of numerous elements that could not be recreated in the virtual world. After all, in land-based casinos, you are surrounded by real people, and your games are monitored by real croupiers, right?

That is precisely how developers got to the idea of creating live dealer rooms and titles. By employing new technologies, companies now enabled the players to access to rooms where a real croupier was controlling the game. Video cameras signal players’ responses and actions, and everything happens in real-time. This way, the effect was achieved – players get the feeling of being inside a real casino, all the while sitting in their favourite chairs at home.

Online Vs Live Gaming

The creation of Live Casino consequently brought the question of online casino’s fate into play. Some players even went as far as to predict that online gaming will become redundant, as live games provide more entertainment and better conditions for safe play. Others doubted whether Live Casino would manage to sustain in the long run.

Both views turned out to be wrong.

Not only is online gaming still alive and kicking, but both versions of casino developed in different directions and gathered unique groups of admirers. They might have similar characteristics – they happen online, from the comfort of your home, but certain differences are still in place. The nature of experience these two versions provide is the complete opposite.

Real-time, live action is not, after all, for everybody. Some players still prefer to mind their own business and play RNG games found in the regular lobby. On the other hand, some players are enchanted by the exclusive, high roller tables where charming live dealers orchestrate the rounds. As time goes by, both online and live casino titles gain popularity within their respected communities, without affecting each other.


Online and Live Casino do not exclude each other. On the contrary, they present two sides of the same coin that, after everything, is yours to flip however you like. If you like real-time action and want something more authentic, Live Dealer titles will be your forte.

If, on the other hand, you like the familiar gameswithout real croupiers, stick to online casino games.

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