Different Reel Variations in Slot Games

Each casino game is beautiful in its own way. No matter which one you prefer, every type of casino content brings out a different kind of enjoyment.

In the sea of titles that grace lobbies of online gaming venues, slots stand out as the most preferred type of entertainment for newcomers and seasoned veterans alike. The reason is simple:

slots are not difficult but are the most rewarding casino games.

We already explained several aspects of slot games, including how they are made, and some technical aspects such as RTP, volatility, and types of Wilds.

However, the first thing you notice when you enter a game and, essentially, the most important part of the gameplay are the reels.

They come in various shapes and forms, but two main types stand out: the first are the regular, Spinning reels, while the other are Cascading reels that have several variations whose differences are based on the provider who first introduced them to the public. We will discuss both these two types and throw in a couple of extra Reels as well.

Spinning Reels

This is the traditional version portrayed in the majority of slot games. Simple and easy, these reels spring into action once you hit the Spin button. At one moment, each column(reel) stops and the end result is the sequence of symbols on the grid. We have this classic mechanism to thank for the original name appointed to the rounds in slot games.

Cascading Reels

Cascading Reels appeared with the introduction of the new generation of video slots. These reels work in the following way: as you spin, the tiles do not spin the traditional way, but instead,fall down. If a winning sequence occurs, the tiles that are part of it will explode or disappear,and in their place, tiles that were above them will simply fall into the vacant positions. With the use of RNG(Random Number Generator), new tiles that drop onto the grid cannot be predicted.

Cascading Reels are a patent of Big Time Gaming who first introduced them in the hit slot Bonanza Megaways™.

Falling Reels

Although they seem similar to Cascading Reels, there are still some differences between these two types of mechanisms. The main difference is the provider that uses them: Cascading reels are tied to Big Time Gaming, while BetSoft, IGT, and Quickspin are famous for releasing games that incorporate this feature under a different name.

Here are some of the names that you might hear.

Tumbling Reels are mostly used by BetSoft and IGT while Collapsing Reels are found in Playtech-powered games. On the other hand, NetEnt first used Cascading Reels but later switched to the famous Avalanche feature – the same characteristics, only a different name – and only this provider is allowed to use the name in its games. Microgaming, the pioneer of iGaming, has its own version as well – Rolling Reels.

Rotating Reels

This specific feature operates by rotating the symbols on the grid 90 degrees which brings more possibilities for winning sequences. It’s not hard to understand the logic behind this: when other special features that aim to boost your winning chances fail to fulfill their role, rearranging and shuffling symbols on the grid can be of great help. The best way to do that is to incorporate that specific ability right into the reels, so games that have this special addition are very popular with the audience.

Colossal Reels

The primary trait of this feature is the expansion or enlargement of the grid where symbols can land. Essentially, when the round starts, the existing reel set will either expand for 2 or more reels, or a completely separate new grid will appear next to the existing one. This leads to more potential wins, and more often than not, entails a few extra features such as Stacked Wilds. The feature was originally created by WMS and is included in some of its best creations.

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