Best Blackjack Strategies for Online Play

Strategy for Online Blackjack

In Blackjack, simply remembering the rules is not enough.

Don’t get us wrong – the rules are super easy, but it takes more than that to keep winning Blackjack hands. Hence, we decided to help you guys out.

If you are looking for a decent Blackjack strategy that can keep you afloat in any Blackjack round, congrats. We are going to discuss the best Blackjack strategies below and see how to apply them to any round. Moreover, we will see what’s the story of charts, and how you can use them to your advantage.

Brace yourself, because after this article, you’ll become a pro at playing online Blackjack.

Without further ado, have a look at the best Blackjack tactics that players use in online casinos worldwide.

Basic Strategy and the Importance of Charts

You cannot become an expert at Blackjack without mastering the basics. And by basics, we mean the basic strategy that applies everywhere in the world.

A good basic strategy is the foundation of your game proficiency. Ask anyone and they will tell you – you cannot play Blackjack without applying these rules. So, what’s the basic strategy? Well, it is the original strategy based in math. Mathematicians and experts in statistics gathered and created a chart that predicts the best moves in every possible situation in Blackjack.

They used all card combinations to decide on the odds for each upcoming card combination. According to this strategy, you know precisely what to do in every possible in-game situation.

In most cases, you will see this kind of strategy paired with charts. Charts that come with basic strategy are quite useful because you can treat them as maps for playing the game. Our advice is to memorize the charts so that you could apply the rules you read there the next time you sit at a Blackjack table.

Why Strategies Matter

Like in any casino game, strategies exist to help you maximize your winning and outcomes. Each strategy has one single goal – to help you optimize your gameplay so that you win more frequently. Okay, some people claim that certain strategies always yield satisfactory results, but that’s a bit far-fetched right now.

In any case, using strategies can be quite beneficial for you. The only problem is that you must be careful which strategies to use. However, when it comes to Blackjack, our warmest recommendation is to use the basic strategy first, and then add other interesting tactics to your gameplay.

The main benefit of using them is the house edge reduction. Employing strategies can significantly decrease the house edge and help you beat the dealer faster. Additionally, they protect you from losing too much money. We also like the fact that any tactic can be altered to fit the individual needs of any player.

Use what suits you and what works for you – it’s that simple. Although you might think that strategizing within casinos is frowned upon, it’s not. Except if you are counting cards, in which case we advise you not to do that! You can use all these strategies in any casino, including live casinos.

Top Online Blackjack Strategies

After you master the basic strategy, you can turn to these tactics to boost your proficiency even further.

1.   Doubling Down with Hard 11

This strategy will bring (and save) more cash than hitting when you get a hard 11. Regardless of the dealer’s up card, you should always double down the hard 11. The only exception is the table with multiple decks and dealer’s obligatory soft 17 stand. In that case, you can choose to hit as well.

2.   Splitting Pairs of 8s and Aces

If you get pairs of 8s or Aces, you should always split them. This tactic can bring you more gains in the long run, because you can either cut your losses or win more.

3.   Avoid Splitting Pairs of 5s and 10s

Keeping a pair of 10s is a great winning hand because you can stand at 20. On the other hand, with pairs of 5s, you get a hard 10. Splitting the hard 10 means you get two hands starting with 5. You shouldn’t split these two pairs because the odds are better if they remain together.

4.   Dealer’s 2 or 3 Mean Hitting a Hard 12

If you get a hard 12 and the dealer’s up card is either 2 or 3, you should hit. Most players think that the logical step is to stand, but that way, you lose more money in the long run. With hitting, you can either go bust or win – but you will save a lot of money this way.

5.   Hitting the Soft 18

If the dealer has a strong 9,10, or 11, and you have a soft 18 (Ace + 7), you should hit. Most players go for a stand, but that usually yields bad results. If you hit and get a small card, you will get a pat card. If you get a high card, you still get a high hand. Either way, hitting with soft 18 is a great strategy.

6.   Doubling Down with 10s

When you see that the dealer has a 9 (or less) and you have a hard 10, double down.

7.   Dealer’s Soft 17

If you’re playing a game where the dealer stands at soft 17, you should keep the following strategies in mind.

Double down if you have:

  • A hard 11 and the dealer has an Ace
  • A soft 18 and the dealer has 2
  • A soft 19 and the dealer has 6

8.   Forget Insurance

The final strategy that we have on our list includes the insurance. You should never, under any circumstances, take insurance. This is for amateurs, and you want to level up in your game as quickly as possible. The reason why you should forget insurance is that the payout for insurance is lower than any payout in the game.

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