The Anatomy of 243 Ways to Win Slots

Online slots come in various shapes and sizes.

The modern version of the famous one-armed bandits, slots populate virtual casinos in throngs, and such numbers often imply numerous categories and kinds of slots that players can explore during their casino careers.

Players often seek to gather intel on the games they intend to try out before engaging in the gameplay. In most cases, this is the breaking point for players who through reviews decide whether they wish to explore more or pass it up for something better along the way.

One crucial factor while exploring slots is the number of paylines.

If you have read at least one slot review, you know that paylines, are one of the most important elements of slots.  They outline how many potential combinations are rewarded if symbols land on the reels in a certain order.

Nowadays, one of the most popular cases is a slot machine with 243 ways to win. If you wish to brush up on your slot knowledge, read on and find out what are these slots and how they function.

Hundreds of Ways to Win

Before we dive into explaining 243 ways slots, let’s first define winning ways.

Winning ways are a term that represents the number of potential winning sequences. As you know, slots operate by spinning symbols on the reels where, once the reels stop moving, the sequence found on the grid will be either winning/rewarding, or not.

Before the introduction of 243 ways, paylines were the primary version. However, with these new slots, playing is significantly easier – you no longer need to think about lines that pay out and lines that do not – and chances of scoring are significantly boosted.

In terms of gameplay, gamers can invest less per single spin, and still have more chances of obtaining prizes as the coin value per spin decreases, and win possibilities are augmented.

The New Era of Gaming

As soon as they appeared, these slots became an instant success.

Players around the world were drawn to the simplistic and highly rewarding nature of these games, so providers that incorporated this mechanism gained both popularity and cash via slot titles.

The provider that is credited as the creator of 243 slots is Microgaming. The name that is very well known to anyone who even dipped his toes in the sea of virtual casinos is a champion of innovation in many ways, but developing and introducing this specific slot type is often taken as a starting point for its planetary fame.

As soon as the industry got wind of the special 243 slot titles, countless other game manufacturers rushed to create their own products that provide the same kind of entertainment to their loyal clientele.

The Mechanism

Slots that boast 243 ways to win work like this: starting from the first and going left to right, you only need to collect at least three matching symbols on adjacent reels to hit a win.

The math and algorithms behind this concept is rather too complex for us to explain, and we do not need to – the only thing you as a player need to remember is that you can choose how many ways you wish to employ during your rounds, and set the wager in accordance with the ways you have chosen. As we mentioned, you are now offered a choice in terms of coin value – you can adjust settings however you like once you enter the game.

Popular Titles

If you like what you have read and wish to explore more this specific category, you can visit any top online casino and browse their infinite slot sections in search of sizzling titles.

Microgaming and NetEnt are leading the 243 game so far, with numerous releases in this department that delights the audience, including Immortal Romance and Game of Thrones – the reigning titles that grace the entrances of many digital casinos.

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